Glorifying God by Building Laborers on the Campus for the Lost World
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We seek to build laborers with a commitment to Jesus and His Great Commission through evangelism and discipleship. We are passionately reaching students with the gospel and training them to become mature followers of Christ. Our desire is to see students leave college equipped to labor in the harvest field for the glory of God.

Glorifying God by building laborers on the campus for the lost world.
— Campus Outreach Mission Statement

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Campus Outreach Houston hopes to mobilize every student who is involved with our ministry upon graduating. Our desire is to send students into situations where they can continue to make disciples and grow in their relationship with God.  


Campus Outreach is an international, interdenominational college ministry that began in 1978 at Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama. The ministry has since grown to thirty franchises operating on nearly one hundred campuses across sixteen states and nine countries. 



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Encountering Jesus through a friendship with a staff person or student, and being discipled throughout college provides the foundation for our commitment to build next-generation leaders.



We stand apart in our ability to raise next-generation leaders who will impact every part of society. In addition to continual leadership development, we are equally committed to providing opportunities to launch these leaders into ministry and the marketplace vocations.



Campus Outreach Houston is sponsored by Grace Bible Church and partners with other local churches (including Coastal Community Church in Galveston, Fellowship of Huntsville, and many others in the Houston region) to make disciples within the collegiate generation.



Campus Outreach Houston launched in 2012 and currently has a ministry presence
on four campuses in the greater Houston area.

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If you would like to give to one of our staff or projects please click ssr to link to our giving page. From the drop-down menu you will be able to select where you would like your gift designation to go.

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